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For Muslim parents seeking a lifetime connection with their children, rooted in Deen.


"Enrolling my son onto the Islamic and secular history course has been an amazing experience for him. Every week he is enthusiastic about attending class. I have never seen this zeal for knowledge in him before. Sister Salma teaches the prophetic stories with passion and knowledge whilst instilling values which the children can encompass in their everyday life. Sister Salma's method of teaching the prophets stories along with the secular history at that time, is a unique and interesting method of teaching. My son has enjoyed learning all the historical facts and depicting them in the timeline."

Mother of Haroon, age 10

"Salma's Parenting Courses have a way of making clear where our focus as parents should be and why that is important. It is not just a set of rules to follow, but she explains the reason behind her strategies and is clearly passionate about helping parents to build solid relationships with their kids. Who doesn't want a happy family life? These courses will make it so much easier to have. Highly recommend."

Nur, mum of 3

She's very interested in what we have to say. I've learnt some new things even though I've already had classes of islam studies before. Her classes are very interesting.She's always recapping so we can remember what to do and she is a very good teacher.

Yusuf, aged 9

I like to listen to the stories and answer the questions.

Sulayman, age 8

I like doing the drawings for the timeline and learning about both Islamic and Secular history.

Dawud, age 10

"Salma is a dynamic innovative teacher , I have attended her parenting webinar and my child has been a student on her history course.  I highly recommend her classes and look forward to more."

Shabnam, mum of 4

"I attended one of Salma's Parenting Courses at a time when I was struggling to get my kids to listen and our relationship was all about arguing and nagging. The course made it clear where I was going wrong and provided me with clear steps and techniques to help re-connect me with my kids. Our family life is so much better!"

Nadia, mum of 3

"My child has really enjoyed the class. As he attends a secular school it was really helpful to have a history course that separates the Islamic beliefs from those that are taught in school. 

Salma has successfully managed to dispel some of the myths and separate the fact from fiction. In the background I hear how engaged my child is, he enjoys learning through story telling and his teacher makes the stories come alive.

Ms Khan, mother of Yusuf


Today I picked him up from football and driving home in the car he said "oh yes, tomorrow is Saturday, it's class!"

Alhumdulillah he looks forward to class and is excited to attend each week. You are doing an amazing job relaying the prophetic traditions and making them real to the kids. I really want to thank you for that.

I hope inshaaAllah these stories and lessons will be a guide for these children in their adult years.

Leila, mum of 2

Our Inspiration....

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Connection underpins the formation of deep and lasting relationships. If connection is the key, then understanding is the grease in the lock....

Child with father in duaa

What you focus on grows. If you want your children to live a faithful life, you need to live one too.

"A child who does not have the opportunity to marvel at the bigness of God, the wonders of His creation and the reality of his supernatural work will tend to measure the question of who God is, according to his/her finite, limited perspective" - Sally Clarkson

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Fun together, is remembered forever. Don't underestimate the power of good times and play.

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